Tuesday, October 6

Things happen

There's a lot of things happened to me this september.

1. Of course,its ramadhan.actually a 'balas dndam' ramadhan since i just fnish 3 weeks of fasting here last year..i ate a lot of authentic ASIAN food!
2. I 'almost' fail in pathology paper.but alhamdulillah,Allah still give me oppurtinity to stay here longer.
3. And after ramadhan,syawal come and i am happy to celebrate here in malaysia..also a 'balas dendam' edition of raya!
4. Having Wafa' in our big family really a bless..awarding along and abg mi a bliss and responsibility!
5. Visiting our neighbouring country,Singapore will always be the one that i won't forget!
6. Attending my old school reunion never dissapoint me.meeting with my classmates who are future lawyer,teacher,preacher n etc.
7. Come back to Masjid Ubudiah,Batu 1 and perform jumaat prayer freshen my eternal memoir up.
8. Understand why ma cry when we leave Wafa' because i do feel the same..Wafa' left for kelantan last weekend for 'blik kg'.

I left september with all these memoirs..

And now, it's october. I don't want to go through this, but I have to.

Hard to say goodbye~

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sAy iT oNce LovEly said...

well........... its called as a LIFE; to have something sweet but sometimes the 'bitter' things will come... but, im sure u endure that all without doubt..... perfectly, u are the best................ im having faith in all of my frens.. in which u r the one of them.........