Wednesday, September 30

10 things why i love singapore!

1. my uncle, aunt and my cousin were wonderful! miss y'all pakcik mad, acik rossita, khalid, anwar and hadi.
2. i think singapore is the cleanest area in south east asia.
3. singapore is very organized country
4. singapore got a very hi-tech toll system
5. singapore drivers are very polite and they respect pedestrian and cyclist
6. you will feel calmness deep inside the hectic singapore!
7. their government are very concerned of their citizen
8. their facility is up to world class (even tampines got it very own shopping complex)
9. i love their variety of food (nasi ayam penyet, nasi beriani gam (special one) and also fluffy naan at little india!
10. i love to shop there! wide variety of garments, and branded stuff are cheap. next time, i gonna bring more money to singapore and buy lots of stuff there!

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