Sunday, January 3

i don't know

i feel like crying..
i don't know why.

it's not a new year i do expect
it's the worst January i ever had in my life.

i'd said i hate drama...

i need a great escape.
where i can rest
i really need rest
by rest i don't mean sleeping.

can't you all understand???

i hate the beginning of this year...
i always hope there's silver lining behind the cloud!


Anis Amirah Nawawi said...

nk nanges jugak boleyh x?? not a good beginning for my new year..

Luqman said...

baem, turkey menunggu ko:)

hUr said...

dun worry baem. there will be a silver lining sooner, or later. u'll see. if it doesn't appear, we can paint our own silver lining. :P

~najihah faizah azaman~ said...

salam. jgn la nanes. huhu. ak baru balik dr umah. smuanya baik2 je. ma abah happy jer. hehe. smg ko baik2 je tau. jgn nakal2. :P

[mcm mana nak tau yg ko on9 ek?]

Nor Halimah said...

jgn sedih2 la..
apepun,inshaAllah sumenye akn ok..
lgpun x lame lg cuti kan..

hanif hafiz said...

xpe.akmal sufi ade.ahlong mesir.taiko tu.