Tuesday, January 5

turkey...to BE or not to BE!

once again i don't know...
the world seems so cruel to me.

i planned for turkey
but financial seems to be the biggest obstacle...
i have to used a lot of money here..


in a proper and straight forward way to say this,
i don't have enough money for turkey!

urgh...i hope it will be a great escape there in some place where i will spent a week there!
but this place is not that far and of course the cost will be around LE 1000-1500...
so wait for me..."the place", istanna 3alayya!


kepalakotak said...


jual voip.

hantar karya.

bwk teksi.

ikat perut.

jom gi turki!

Luqman said...

macam tahu je, hhiihi

ibrahemazamanzain said...

errr...kalo kepalakotak nak sponsor pon ok!
luqman tau ker?
ke mana?

AnAk iBu said...