Monday, August 8

Gerak Khas Attachment: Day 1

So, basically, today is just like other normal day to others, but for me, my heart start skipping most of the beats this morning. Today is my first day doing attachment this year. Although I had gone through this last year, but it is a whole new experience! (Just because I learnt all the preclinical component)

I reach Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh (HoSHAS) at 8. Heading to administration office, seeing En. Moorthi. He send me straight away to Pejabat Pakar. At the office, I spent a lovely 15 minutes waiting for the doctor. Dr. Raj, HOD Medicine was informed to have morning prayer. After a while Dr. Sharifah ask me to go to Kenanga Ward 14 wait for her there. I went upstairs, heading to that ward, seeing Dr. Kavitha. She asked me to see Dr. Sharifah first, but I said she asked me to wait for her at the ward.

Then, I started hanging around. I followed Dr. Kavitha and Dr. Chong (the HO) until Dr. Sharifah came and supervise us. She is very much interactive. Explaining me about atrial fibrillation, describing the pulse, and some ECG reading. Then, she also asked me to examine a patient abdomen. I did it wrongly. I didn't see the patient's face, didn't sit to inspect. I go straight to palpate the abdomen, skipping inspection. Then, she showed the exact way. Once again I do wrong. I percussed the abdomen by left hand which look so weird. Ok..that's was embarrassing.

Then one of unforgettable thing, is when Dr. Sharifah told this one patient that he is HIV. He shut his eye tightly. Then he open his eyes and said, "Tak ape lah doktor, dah nak sakit nak buat macam mana". He looked deeply to his pregnant wife. Thank god, his wife and baby is so far safe from that disease. I just observe this situation quietly while piling my condolences on patient's family. Then seeing around, a patient with Horner's syndrome. He is affected by lung cancer. I noticed, a lot of patient having dengue fever and leptospirosis. The most famous non-infectious disease is chronic kidney disease. So, for future practice, those disease are of importance!

Until next time fellas!


hUr said...

keep it coming. i'll be the faithful reader of this kind of posts. :P

h n f h f z said...

aku nak kau kalahkan akmal next year

ibrahemazamanzain said...

insha Allah, miss Hur.
doakan kita semua hebat ye!