Thursday, August 11

Gerak Khas Attachment: Day 4

Ok. Alhamdulillah today I got no embarrassment tragedy in the morning. I entered the toilet today only after double-checked the toilet label. I head to ward, to be exact cubicle 1-6, yesterday it was taken care of other HO. But, today a female HO take care of this cubicle. She was quite blurred with all the patient there. I shared everything I know about those patient with her. She is ok about me being there but not what I call her. I call her Dr. which she asked me just to call her first name. It is very much awkward to call your senior just names right?

Anyway, I was with her and her supervising MO until the specialist came. I then join the specialist for grand ward round. She is doing grand ward round every day rather than only on active day as what has been practiced by some other specialist. Then we do rounds like every other day. I should call today's round as Humor Round! The specialist told us lot of story of her past experience like confronting alternative healer in ward which against the rule, experience on various background of patient in STD ward etc. She asked me about a dengue patient which have psoriasis in his scalp and face. She asked me what is that? I am not well-acquainted with dermatological patient. I just stare her right on her face and say nothing. She then asked one of HO. Luckily, a HO know the answer and I'm saved from that misery.

There is also patient with snake bite. You can clearly see his very much edematous left hand. Also, the specialist tell me that we need to know what's the snake's species because snake venom are either neurotoxin or haemotoxin. Ah, yes! Sarawak Handbook for Medical Emergency is must have book for all medical department HO. Also, the specialist asked me to auscultate the lung of the patient with HAP, which I heard as crept. of course type. I stammer while answering "I think it is a course crept. She said, "You think it's course?" while ausculatating the patient's lung. Then she pull her steth and my heart skipped a beat. Finally, she said, "Good, Ibrahem. It's a course crepts". I was flattered (padahal biasa je, tapi jakun first time specialist puji, LOL!). Then I continue on her round, which I got to feel a newly post-AVF op hand. It feels really thrilling. The feeling is so weird cause you can feel arterial pulse superficially. Also I ask the specialist to stay at this ward for the rest of these three weeks and Alhamdulillah she allowed me to. YES!! I'm gonna stay at this ward!

Oh, ya! I followed the HOs to CME session. It was interesting for me, I think but I know how many time they heard this so I think they lost their focus. One by one left the auditorium and went back to the ward. So, to sum up from the CME, for those who intended to practice at Pahang, please know Leptospirosis and Melioidosis very well. They are in your daily practice.

Tomorrow, CME at 3pm I will giet you guys updated. Wasalam.

AVF- it is abbreviation of Arterio-Venous Fistula. It is a procedure to form a fistula between brachial artery and cephalic vein. It is used for HD patient where venous that had been connected to artery will be stronger and can withstand frequent injection. You guys need to read it for better understanding! Happy reading!


h n f h f z said...

leptospirosis bnyk kat hspital temerloh je..hehe..dekat ngn lubuk yu..

asal kite xbelajar pasal melioidosis dalam microb ek?

ibrahemazamanzain said...

aku tak sure la abu..melioidosis tu mmg cm pelik skit. kita tak blajar sgt pon.