Tuesday, August 9

Gerak Khas Attachment: Day 2

Ok. I start my day quite early today. I came to the ward 7.30, greeted one of the HO. She said, "kenapa awal sangat?". I answered, last year, when I came to the ward at 7.30, all HO finished clerking. She said the usage of paperless system, and some changes in timetable make HO work start a little bit later than before. Alhamdulillah for us future HO!

Then I and other student joined her for morning round. So, when the specialist came, we joined her for ward round. Today's round witness less drama than yesterday. But I see how the specialist scolded the HO on malaria patient. That was really scary and very much worrying, so folks, please ah don't forget your parasitology. Also seeing patient with cerebral toxoplasmosis. She is Retro Viral Disease patient, but the first antibiotic giving her maculo-papular rash so the Dr. need to change to antibiotic that free from sulphur compound. It took to reference book and one phone consultation to solve that problem.

Then I meet my primary schoolmate, Fikri. Have a chat after round and Alhamdulillah his mother is doing good. After rounds, I have rest at pantry, before joining one of Junior Medical Officer, doing pleural tap for a patient with pleural effusion. While assisting a little bit, I was asked to take his BP reading by automatic machine. Then I did one of the biggest mistake of the day. I use hand rub sanitizer in front of him. His face changed to a sad expression. I did not mean to offend him. But I was told by my colleague not to do it again.

Right after coming out from that procedure room, I was confronted by another HO. She asked me a favor. I was asked to clerk a patient. I was like, what??? I never clerk any patient before. I asked her if she will be with me. The answer is NO! I need to do it by my own. Then I clerk the patient according to guidelines stated in Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (note that Oxford Press never pay me for this, lol).

I clerk the patient, but my clerking is not deep enough, I didn't notice that she had gout, didn't notice her previous hospitalisation and other relevant medical history. But I learnt something today, that clerking is not as tough as I thought before. So, people please revise your history taking skills ok!

Then the doctor asked me to take her BP and I missed it! I need to polish up my skills. It is sort of hard to take manual BP after leaving CVS block 3 semester ago. Then I was asked about iron deficiency anemia signs and symptom. It was ok, but I need to read more. Well, one of the toughest thing I need to master is understanding what the doctor and nurses ask. Abbreviation, low voice, high noise contribute to its difficulties. Last time, I was asked to find ECG sheet for the patient, but end up ordering a new ECG reading from a nursing student.

p/s: this one is off record ah, I saw a 7-days houseman crying in front of the computer. Take note ya folks. Learn how to manage your emotion from now ok!

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