Sunday, May 10


1) Do you think you are hot?
hot and spicy!!

2) upload a favourite picture of you..

3) Why do you like that picture? most elegance face kot!

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
last friday, during B.O.O.M reunion picnic

5) The last song you listen to?
good girl gone bad-rihanna

6) What name do you prefer beside yours?
my ma n my abah, my along and her consort, angah, abg ipa, abg ala, kak gg and bila!
and also my frens la..kadeyy, afiq, akmal, luqman, khairi, kudus, my roommate (meerol,ijad,yim), my floormate, my hostelmate, and my ALL mate i do have!

7) People to tag?

1. afiq
2. kadeyy
4. luqman
5. khairi

8) Who is number one?
my twin in alexandria

9) Number three is having relationship with?
erm..should i tell u that? yerp..he is having relationship with someone in M****SIA

10) Say something about number five?
future housemate..

11) How about number four?
my guru in how to 'attract' people..

12) Say something about no two?
my best friend (perhaps)


aku.kurik. said...

aku yg baik
dan kau pulak the evil side one larh ek?


abdullahkadir said...

jawapan bg soalan 1 mmg x relevan lgsung.hahaha...

Luqman Bazlan said...

what do you mean by "my guru on how to "attract" people???

katib bahanji said...

afiq-no!!kite same2 baik laa!
kadir-aku tak hot cam nko!
luke-u know better!u're the guru!