Wednesday, January 14

life with sets of assignment

In this few days, I do have such hectic life ever. I was assigned with a presentation from lecturer of Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Yeah, it's my fault to complete it in last minute. I do swear that last minute work makes you even worst. As my insistence to do it last minute, I need to carry two presentations in one week. I'm lucky I don't have to make such presentation in the same week. Well, I do think about having this work done just after I was assigned but I do have the strong L word in my skeletal muscle. Hahah...It's L.A.Z.Y!

If and only if I do assigned with such assignment after this, I need you, my friend to remind me to do it early. With my spirit had lowered down in this last 2 or three week, I wish I do have someone to encourage me to stick with my core business. I am sorry because I do not call my family weekly as usual. Miss my family so much nut I do not have such time to call you Abah and Ma!

I've been dreaming to have my courage back. Now, I can see it shadow! Let's hope that 'shadow' will turn to a real enthusiastic spirit. To all my friends, I am sorry for everything. I might had make you all disappointed of myself lately. I'm sorry to those I hurt in the past, now and in the future!

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Ruh Al-Jadid (روح الجديد) said...

juz hav a nice & khusyu' solat sunat with Quran reciting you will be more calm...try it..=)